SFIFF56 missed

The calendar says we’re in the midst of the 56th San Francisco International Film Festival. We’re not there.

dirty laundry

A few weeks ago I was sending my income tax package to my San Francisco accountant and the UPS Lady asked; “What do you miss most about SF?”

I said, “I can no longer walk down to Real Food for a half-pound of mushrooms and be back in five minutes.”

That was a spur of the moment reaction, and certainly true as it is “five miles to a loaf of bread” where we now live.

The reflective answer is that we most miss the San Francisco Film Society. We’re reminded of that at least once a week when we get the newsletter. But we don’t need the newsletter to tell us what we’re missing… we’re missing everything that’s not playing at the CinePlex.

We have a very nice CinePlex downtown by the Truckee RiverRIVERSIDE 12 — and we enjoy going there to an early show and dinner after at any number of good restaurants nearby. But seeing Lincoln in a theater with 8 to 10 other souls present ain’t like seeing Queen of Versailles in a packed house. That’s what I miss.

We moved to Reno on June 6th, last year, not long after the 55th annual San Francisco International Film Festival closed. We attended 17 films at SFIFF55. I promised myself that for SFIFF56 we would make the trip to San Francisco during the Festival and cram as many films as possible into say, three days.

When the full schedule was available on the SFIFF56 website, I started looking around. I targeted April 30, May 1, 2. The website was arranged pretty well so with about 3 groups of times a day = 3 films a day. I think I picked two or three on Friday and then I started thinking… This is not like picking one or two films a day over 20 or so days. And I know nothing about any film; there’s no buzz, no printed program to peruse, no Members Night to review the films…

Well, all those things could have been overcome. But the Elephant-in-the-Room was Eric and Alison’s trip to San Francisco and then Reno the exact day after the Festival closes. Let’s say we went to SFIFF56 on April 30, May 1, 2… came back home and turned around and drove to SF the very next Friday to meet E and A. And we’ve hardly settled down from out Giants Spring Training trip (and certainly haven’t yet paid for it).

That crushing momentum caused me to just stop planning. I didn’t decide not to go, I just didn’t continue to pick films, discuss them with Carol, coordinate with Sarah, get the tickets, arrange to stay with Paula and so on and on. I guess I didn’t acknowledge it, but it turned out to be either:

Giants and Film Festival OR
Film Festival and Eric and Alison OR
Giants and Eric and Alison.

The latter became the default.
And while we loved the Giants trip and will love seeing Eric and Alison…
Bummer. Can’t get 10 pounds of goodness inna 5 pound bag.

But there is a fall-back. One of the other festivals: Taiwan or French or Italian. I always liked the Italian best. Last year, New Italian Cinema Events (NICE) played November 11 to 18. I’m gonna mark my calendar now.


2 thoughts on “SFIFF56 missed

  1. I feel you pain. I was active in the ATL Film Festival for several years, but finally gave it up when I realized it paled in co,parison to SF. I really miss their special festivals as well like the film noir festival that was at the Castro. And i have no fall back. NYC of course has an awesome festival, but there are no nearby festivals i could just drive to. I get it.


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