Photos Liberated

During Alison’s visit to Reno, she helped me unshackle several photos from their frames, long relegated to our bookshelves and walls, for all to see.

Carol Ann Hale
Lancaster High School

Carol with Fess Parker during the Ohio State trip to the 1958 Rose Bowl

Who knew Carol’s parents would send her on a train trip to Pasadena, where she hooked up with Fess Parker?

Brian 1971
Eric and Brian in Germany, 1979
Family Portrait in front of our Newton house 1986
Eric and Alison on our Newton back porch just before their wedding in our house.
Eric, Marcus and Alison at Joseph Phelps Winery, Napa Valley, 1992
Eric and Alison, out standing in their field…

4 thoughts on “Photos Liberated

  1. Great pics. Who knew CR was an aficionado of Fess? You should pose some of these to Facebook with the rest of the great Rector collection assembled by Terrill.


  2. Here’s what I got in the email from sister Amy,

    Dear Marcus,
    You were lucky to have landed a beauty named Carol Hale.
    Enjoyed strolling down memory lane, with too fine looking boys and young attractive Alison.
    The 80’s were good to you to dude.

    Thanks for sharing.



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