Every so often there’s a story that you read/hear/watch that stabs deep into your mind, your head shivers, you blink your eyes and softly mutter “whoa!” Here is one of them, which I heard the beginning of on Maine Public radio during their “Public Affairs” hour today just as the Farmers’ Market ended at 1pm. I had heard the promo for this story, which sounded interesting but I wasn’t prepared for the five minute slice I heard, about ten minutes into the story, and I wrote down the name of the program and it’s source “Transom.org” before I went about my normal banking and shopping after the market.

Essentially this is a visit inside the life of one of “The Tribe” of foreign correspondents upon whom we depend for some picture of the violent parts of this world. I think, in general, we romanticize their lives when we ever bother to stop to think about what it takes to do the work of telling the story of war. However, I’m sure we also know, deep down, that the Nora Ephron script in our head is FAR FAR different from the reality of the job. Luckily, one of “The Tribe” has taken the time to share a bit of her life with us — the good, the bad, and the scary.

Prepare an hour of time to listen straight through because you won’t want to stop it once you start.

BTW: You can listen on your computer using the link above, OR you can try to find it on iTunes or through your favorite Podcast app (I use Podkicker on Android right now) to listen on the ear buds while you’re in a less static mood (traveling, gardening, etc.).


One thought on “Whoa!

  1. One of my all time favorite films is The Year of Living Dangerously (1982). We’ve seen it four or five times. These certain people need to go to these places and live these lives.
    Thanks, Eric for sharing the real.


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