Western China In Pictures (43 photos)

This will be my first post since leaving for an intimate tour of Western China. There is SO much to talk about that I can’t really start right now (we still have about a week of additional touring!) so I will offer a “taste” (if forty-some photos are a “taste”) of what we experienced out in the desert regions. The images will not be captioned, and each one of them would justify a post on their own. I doubt we could ever follow through with that, but I expect we will be able to expand on a few of them. And I’m not even including ANY of my food pictures…! Those will deserve special attention later. For now, enjoy this taste of our tour:

[Editor’s Note: The “Great Firewall” (insulating most Chinese users from internal or external traffic on the Internet pertaining to subjects the Government deems sensitive or forbidden) did not permit me to post anything with the words “Xinjiang, Urumqi, Turpan, Uighur” as well as specific images — one of them showed a knife next to a peeled pear and the peelings…]


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