I just got an unsolicited robo-call on my landline asking me to sign a phone petition (press 1) because I hate ObamaCare and want to end the death panels and socialized medicine before they can start. This spew of lies and hate *does* mention that “America’s Next Generation” wants to help defeat ObamaCare with me.

Obviously this pisses me off, but there’s really no way to scream at them. Still my head is jangling so I can’t get any work done, and all I can do is follow my sick curiosity by using The Google to find out that the America’s Next Generation SuperPAC was formed after the Citizens United decision by the executives of a telemarketing company in Akron, OH called InfoCision. I bet you won’t guess where 97% of the funds that this SuperPAC raised during the 2012 election went to…InfoCision. What’s worse is that InfoCision was recently sued by 318 employees for failing to pay overtime, minimum wage, and in some cases ANY wage at all.

So not only is a SuperPAC being used as a deadbeat telemarketer’s sales tool to further enrich members of the 1%, but they are spewing extremist lies and hate into the public on a wide-spread level simply as a way to get enough people riled up to send them $25. And it works. And when the few folks who actually Press 1 to “sign” the petition probably the only thing that’s done is their phone numbers are added to a list that is sold to other like-minded telemarketers to insure that these folks continue to be bombarded with lies and hate and asked to “donate.”

And we still wonder how our public discourse has been poisoned?


2 thoughts on “Genius

  1. Eric.
    I know.
    I hope your blood pressure pills are in good supply.
    The only reason there seem to be more and more assholes and cheats is that it’s easier to see them. Google is a wonderful thing. I have learned to ignore them and reason that we lived through eight years of George W.


  2. Not sure what this has to do with public discourse. This is just another tool to make oodles of money for the parasitic class that writes and lobbies for legislation like that upheld in Citizens United. If you’re ignorant enough to give money to a robo-call, there’s not much even a benevolent Scandinavian government could do to help you.

    I get emails every day asking me to “express donate” $500 to the DSCC in the next 36 hours in order to a) stop the shutdown (yeah, that’ll do it), b) win elections that are more than a year away and aren’t even for the Senate, or c) simply express my outrage at the GOP’s antics. I’ll feel a lot better after I “express donate” my outrage.


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