First Impressions

I *think* I signed up for an Instagram account so that I can simply post pictures without resizing, etc., but I haven’t quite figured that out yet. I’m so old.

In the meantime here are a few snaps gleaned while getting to know the area where I’m staying (a fairly central shopping district with other swanky hotels) and getting over my jet lag.

Here’s some typical architecture in the area besides the glossy shiny new buildings. Also some typical transport (cycles and autorickshaws abound). There are no great skyscrapers I can see in this area. There are a few isolated tall buildings, mostly under construction, elsewhere.

A Bit of odd exuberance on St. Mark’s Rd — certainly not the norm.

Here’s a bit more of the “colonial” look I found on Mahatma Ghandi Road (apparently referred to as “MG Road”).

Occasionally in this area I’ve run into some amazing large and ancient trees that overarch the roads providing wonder areas of shade that all have at least one juice cart (if not several juice stands) vending under them. Even more amazing, as you get near them, is to realize that they provide not just shade but have also been integrated into the power and information grid, supporting all manner of wires running along the streets.

Many juice vendors have carts loaded with green coconuts that they will hack the top off and insert a straw for you to enjoy the coconut water inside (typically 30 rupees, or 50 cents). So this picture is the equivalent of a crushed Coke can rolling in the gutter…this is the only time I really saw an empty lying around, though. Someone must be regularly sweeping up the streets in our area because they’re quite free of trash (construction supplies and debris, however, are are an all-too-common impediment on the sidewalks).

As a full-on Tractor Boy (in many ways, E!) I couldn’t pass this up. A Massey Ferguson (not much bigger than my Kubota) dropping off a load of construction sand at a building site. Most Mainers (to say nothing of most American farmers) do not decorate their tractors quite as nicely…giving me a few ideas.

According to the New York Times this is a famous throw-back to the colonial era serving British style food as well as British style Indian food. As well, apparently from the advertising, a lot of alcohol. As it was recommended as “a scene” from Old India and within walking distance of my hotel I planned to have dinner there, but got there a bit too early to really experience it fully. The dining room was closed, and the other room felt like a cafe. The full-menu is not offered until after 7pm (not jet lag friendly!), so I ordered off the all day menu and had a cheesey tomato toast and milk tea. The bread was very white, but the chopped and toasted tomatoes had a bit of spice to them. The white jacketed waiters did have a throw-back look to them, though it was not a formal setting, and appeared to be a compromise hang-out for men of all cultures, mostly drinking beer or milk tea when I was there. The interior had nice high ceilings but was definitely worn and dated (more of the 1950s than the 1850s).

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  1. I read this Tuesday morning. April 19…
    nice read.
    As a blogger, I know that if there are no comments, you don’t know if anybody is out there.
    I’m here.


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