The sounds and fragrances of southern India

Eric is walking in the hills of Conoor in southern India. We stayed at “Acres Wild Farm” to learn about their cheese-making and cow dairy. On adjacent hillsides, tea plants are growing on terraced fields. We awoke to the sounds of (loudly broadcast) percussive singing from the local temple.

Eric walking to breakfast in the hills above Conooor, Tamil Nadu province in southern India

And I made a new friend…

Alison and "Spahti" the farm dog

Spahti, the farm dog of Tamil Nadu.


One thought on “The sounds and fragrances of southern India

  1. The fragrances of morning at this farm included flowering trees, cow farm smells (fresh milk + manure), cooking smells mixed with the pervasive smell of smoldering trash burning. We observed smouldering trash piles burning throughout southern India.
    A pleasant breeze ushered the morning in the Nilgiris hills. Temperatures were much cooler than in the lowlands where summer sun brings intense heat. April is the hottest month of the year.


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