Tommy Thots

Atlanta Hartsfield

9:40pm in the HartsfieldJacksonMartinLutherKingLudacrisHolyfield airport. Just flew in from Naples (and boy are my arms tired!) Naples FL that is. Had to go down to the Ritz Carlton for the weekend to work on a client project. Cold (’bout 55) and windy, but sunny. Had planned to work by the pool but it was too cold. Wait.I think I hear lots of whining from the readers. Life’s a bitch. So, if you are sharp you are wondering why Unk T is in the ATL airport on my lap instead of driving home. Logical question. I am on my way to STL for a meeting tomorrow morning and was routed thru ATL with a 2 hour layover. Life’s a bitch.

There are some strange people in the airport late on Sundays. For example, I just saw that guy who sells PC training CD’s late at night (PC Doctor?). Walking just behind him was a 50-ish woman with orange spiked hair and an ink sleeve on her right arm (full color tattoo from her knuckles to her shoulder, for the unhip ones among you). The overall effect was astounding. Lots of teens in flip flops, old folks in 80’s polyester carrying net bags crammed with stuff, and bubba families with fat kids and garbage bags. Mixed in are blue-suited businessmen with scuffed briefcases headed for the next deal.

I have my iPod in as well adding a soundtrack to the life around me. Two priests just walked by accompanied by Global Underground, and before that, a fat guy in an Ohio State t-shirt to the sounds of Phillip Glass. They were just in the wrong order. The PA announcements are never-ending, the crowds diverse, and wires are hanging from the ceiling all around me; it feels like I am inside the film Blade Runner.

Wait: two Hassidic Jews just walked by (Jack Abramoff hats and all) with a group of Black Muslims walking in the same direction — and alongside — but obviously not with them. There were more white shirts and black suits than I have seen together since the Blues Brothers concert in 1989. Well they just called my plane so I need to finish up and click SEND.


3 thoughts on “Tommy Thots

  1. Now I know what all those “business men” are doing in the airport lounges with their laptops…I always thought they were doing “work”….


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