Markie’s New Shoes

Dine about Town is going on in San Francisco. Each January many SF restaurants feature $21.95 fixed price lunches and $31.95 dinners. It’s the perfect time for a San Francisco day; lunch and the Chuck Close show at SFMOMA. But wait, it’s the first day of the NFL Playoffs. But wait, the first game isn”t until 1:30, Skins vs. Bucs, and I don”t care about it.

I made reservations at Campton Place for lunch. Asked for 11:30, but the best they could do was 10:15. That’s okay.

Campton Place says, “jackets suggested,” so I duded myself up in the Brian wedding clothes with black and white Merimekko shirt, snazzy Florsheim shoes from Marcus Rector Associates days and we”re off on the 45 bus to Union Square.

“Two for breakfast?” said the very nice and polite receptionist.

“I made reservations for the Dine About Town lunch.”

“That doesn”t start until noon. I can reserve a spot for you at noon, but we need the table at 1:30,” she said.

“I think we can handle that.” Carol is delighted; we get nearly two hours for shopping.

Mix, the only place in town that carries Merimekko shirts is just around the corner on Sutter Street. The lady there says they”re getting a new shipment in February with many new colors to celebrate Merimekko’s 50th anniversary. Shall she call me when they arrive? Oh yes.

We walk down Grant Avenue window shopping our way toward Market Street, when Carol spies CAMPER, specializing in casual, comfortable European shoes. Their schtick is a thin air pad guaranteeing comfort. Okay, I”ll hang while she looks. Really nice stuff, and I need a pair of shoes, but these? Not many there, maybe 20 styles each of men and women. Most are on sale. I”ll keep this place in mind.

We walk down Market to Nordstrom. Carol wants to show me a line of shirts that don”t wrinkle; Tom has some that she admired. But I don”t need any shirts. That excuse used, she’s free to shop for herself. I”m bored and do a couple laps around the atrium while she shops. Soon it’s time to go and we walk the four or five blocks back to Campton Place.

Lunch is as wonderful as expected and it gives my tired feet a chance to rest. The shoes I”m wearing are very nice, but are built for business show, with their shiny tops and very thin leather soles, not for go. As we leave for SFMOMA, I”m thinking about walking the few blocks there, then spending a couple hours on my feet in the museum, then walking to the bus. “Let’s stop back by that Camper shoe place.” I remember this black leather shoe with thin laces that go down to near the toe, red laces. Those would look good with business casual, I reason.

At the store, I try them on, walk around, and leave them on for the museum and for future semi-stylish occasions.

–mr 1.10.05


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