Unique Art in San Francisco

Recently, I went to see three new pieces of art in San Francisco that couldn”t be more different from each other; four, if you count the de Young Museum, itself.

de Young entrance

The new de Young museum opened in San Francisco in October and I took my first trip to check it out last week. The architects are Herzog & de Meuron, a Swiss firm well known for its museums, but this their first in the United States. John King’s review is especially interesting.

Two pieces of art were commissioned for the opening: An installation by Andy Goldsworthy in the entry court, and a huge mural by Gerhard Richter at one end of the lobby.

Andy Goldsworthy

Goldsworthy made a crack in the stone of the entry court, mindful of earthquake-prone San Francisco.

Richter’s mural is a photograph of ‘something tiny” blown up and multiplied thousands of times. I read about what it is, but can”t find the story online, in any case, the cool thing is that as one gets closer and closer to the mural, the fuzzier and fuzzier it becomes.

Gerhard Richter

A few days ago, I saw on the news a huge crane setting a new Richard Serra installation in front of one of the recently built buildings on the UCSF campus at Mission Bay. Two giant vertical steel plates were being bolted to a concrete foundation. Yesterday I went down and took some pictures. Unfortunately, the building they front is ordinary to bad, architecturally, and the site is still cluttered with construction fences and equipment.

Richard Serra


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