Letters and Pix From Cinda


Was reading your blogs and I remember Aunt Martha’s dump cake the best, Terri still makes it.
Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad got your letter and were thrilled to hear from you. No, they no longer have a computer. They gave that up when they downsized and moved to our side of town. Sam, Marla and I live close to them. I am about 5 minutes away in case anything happens. Terri lives in Colorado and Ruth lives in Texas.

What I remember about you the most is the naked lady knuckle buster you had in Aunt Martha’s car!!

Take care.

–Cinda Rector Gavagan

Marc and All,

Great to hear from you. Tom thanks for the pics. Attached are pictures taken during our family reunion at the family cabin in Santa Fe this summer. Just a few more gray hairs, but not much else has changed!!

Tom (my Tom) my oldest and his wife and son are living near Stuttgart, Germany working for Daimler Benz. My second son Dan and his wife and son are living in north Phoenix. Sara, our youngest is moving to Fort Collins in June to go to CU and finish her degree in anthropology.

My husband Rusty loves to fly his Cessna 140 and this time of the year you can usually find him at an air show. We live in Chandler, not far from Mom and Dad. Great to hear from you and hope to hear from Wendell (you are still Toby to me) and Amy soon.

–Cinda Rector Gavagan

Photos attached below:

Mom and Dad


2 thoughts on “Letters and Pix From Cinda

  1. In the days before power steering, there were these knobs you could clamp to the steering wheel so you could easily turn the wheel with one hand. The guys I hung with called it a “lover’s knob.” I guess Cinda’s crowd had a different name.


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