A Letter From Terril

A Letter From Terril

Dear Mark, I have been looking for your old house to add to my Google Earth collection of places from my present and past. Your Hilltop picture got me right to it. I remember the home as charming with the streets still having cobblestones and a trolley track. Anytime I read or hear about cobblestones, my brain flashes back to your street. One of my favorite memories is when Dad took me to see Peter Pan, and we left the car at Aunt Martha’s and took the electrical trolley to a downtown movie theater where we sat in a miniature balcony. I admired your mom. It was very hard to be a single mom in the 50’s. I remember Dad putting in the closets in your house. I also remember seeing your room and your Playboy collection stacked under your desk.

Beth, my daughter, took me to San Francisco in December 2002. She had to work but I spent 10 hours a day exploring the city. We stayed in Hotel Union Square, probably not to far from you. Our family lived on the Presidio for about 8 months when Jeff was in the service about 1972. I had two small kids and did not see as much of the place at that time. This past December we went to Boston, also your old stomping ground, where I also explored the city for 12 hours a day using the public transportation system. I kept wondering which buildings you were involved in. I am not terrifically keen on the hodgepodge that is the new MIT building.

Joan, Aunt Jane’s oldest, lives there (SF). She is an administrator for the Chinese hospital and speaks Mandarin Chinese.

We are in Windsor Colorado, near Fort Collins. I am teaching Human Rehabilitation at the University of Northern Colorado. This semester I am teaching the medical aspects of rehabilitation, which is equivalent to anatomy/physiology and functional losses due to medical conditions for a first year med student. I have 4 kids, Christy, Bethany, Jeff and Frank.

I think the website is a good idea. I would like to get Mom and Dad back on the internet with a laptop. I am going to see if my husband can set one up for them. I really enjoyed finding your house again. Google earth is almost as good as a visit. West Jeff and Lilly Chapel are very clear, as is Columbus, Boston and San Francisco. I am not into games on the computer, but I have really been having fun with G, earth. I want to find the location of the Roseberry family home east of Columbus, Herb and Ruth moved so often, it will be hard to locate their residences. I plan to have Dad help me map all of the locations while I am in Phoenix next week when the college has spring break. I entered your address into the program and I think it may have pointed out the right rooftop.


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