Lucky Number Slevin

Josh Hartnett and Lucy LiuCarol and I were lucky enough to go to a SF Film Society advance screening of Lucky Number Slevin last night. The Writer, Jason Smilovic was there for a Q&A after the film.

Good flick!

It’s about a guy, Slevin (Josh Harnett) who crosses paths with a black mob lead by “The Boss” (Morgan Freeman), who is in turn at war with a Jewish mob, lead by their Rabbi Schlomo (Ben Kingsley), who has a gay son. Poor Slevin is a victim of mistaken identity, or so it seems. He finds a love interest in a neighbor, amateur detective, actual pathologist, Lindsey (Lucy Liu) who works for detective-on-the-take Brikowski (Stanley Tucci).

It’s a thriller with no car chases, it’s violent, but without mayhem (well, sort of), and Bruce Willis playing a “World Class Assassin,” Mr. Goodkat, is always impeccably dressed. And it’s funny! A guy on imbd said “Great noir caper flick!”

Jason Smilovic said he wrote Lucky Number Slevin in 1977, just after he “graduated” from where?, didn”t say. He said he got turned down a lot by “the studios” and meanwhile wrote and produced the TV series Karen Sisko which ran 3 years on ABC. Finally it got made and got to Sundance. Distributed by the Weinstein Company, whoever that is.

He’s an engaging young guy, but the audience questions were mostly about *how did you get those stars*

Opens in April. Worth seeing, worth paying money to see.


3 thoughts on “Lucky Number Slevin

  1. The “Weinstein Company” is the new version of “Miramax” studios, which the Weinstein brothers had to leave behind after their break with Disney. Obviously this movie is more than your average “indie” flick with stars like Freeman, Kingsley, and Willis on the bill…


  2. Sounds terrific. Our film club has fallen into disarray, so although we occasionally have a screening or two, its mostly an email feed about what films are coming. Bummer. We still get a fair represntation of art films a week or two after NY. And since most of ATL is off to NASCAR or just diddling their sisters, the theatres arent crowded. Cool.


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