HiLo Cuisine

yuetlee_er.jpgWithin a 24 hour period, the last day before we left SF, we grazed some of the great HIlo dining that San Francisco has to offer: late night, just before the 11pm rush, at Yuet Lee on Broadway in Chinatown; soup dumplings WAY out in the Richmond at Shanghai Dumpling shop; then around the corner from the Rector apartment to four star French dining at La Folie. All of it was great, in its own way, although we fed twelve people dumplings for less than the cost of one person at La Folie, but there’s more to be said about that…

The always evocotive Yuet Lee at night on Broadway

Shanghai Dumpling King
Shanghai Dumpling King restaurant in the Richmond, at Balboa and 33rd St.


Soup Dumplings in their natural habitat (steamed on cabbage leaves)

Eric makes sure he doesn’t burst the dumpling skin!

After a good meal…

…a well satisfied scene.


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