SFIFF50 DAY SIX — Tuesday

Cap, Paste up, Warriors


First thing in the morning I went to City Hall. There’s an outside chance they might have my Woody Cap.

At the Opening Night party I left my cap on a pile of Morgan’s and Julieta’s stuff behind the press table. Then I did my duty and then I partied. After, when I got to my scooter, parked across the street from City Hall, I had this feeling of being capless. Drat! I went back through security into City Hall and looked where I had left my cap. The table was there and the floor was bare. In the following days, I checked with Richard, Morgan and Julieta. No dice.

At City Hall I was directed to Room 8, Building Operations, and the very nice lady checked her Lost and Found log, no black ball cap with a red “O” was listed. Nor was it in the cupboard as she rummaged around. She took my name and phone number, just in case, and I left the building, again capless.

When I reported to the Kabuki for my 3:30 to 9 shift, not much was happening, so I checked with Hilary and Richard to see if I might go to the Presidio office and do paste-up work and copying, as I’m far behind. Good and good. I worked at the office until 6:30, figured I owed them another 2 1/2 hours, which I could do at home.


It just so happened that Game 5 of the Warriors/Mavericks series was on the TV. The game was in Dallas, and with the Warriors up 3-1, they could close out the series, gotta watch that. Well, the W’s blew a nine-point lead with 3 minutes to go, after trailing by 20 in the first half. Bummer, but Game 6 will be at home.

Pretty exciting day, huh?


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