Scooter, Castro, Robin Williams

In the morning I went to the Kabuki to take some pictures. When I parked my scooter and pushed the kick-stand down, CLANK! the kick stand fell on the pavement and led me to a new lunch spot.


The evening found me at the Castro wrangling the red carpet again for a Tribute to Robin Williams. He is the recipient of the Peter J. Owens Award for acting. On stage he was interviewed by Armistead Maupin, the author of the three volume Tales of the City, (SF gay scene in the 70’s) among other books and TV series. Carol read all three as soon as we moved to San Francisco.
The interview was preceded by a clip reel, featuring mainly his serious roles; Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, and so on.

Interview is an overstatement, I think Armistead got maybe two questions in. Robin got off on a ramble about things San Francisco and then Britney Spears vagina. We all know about the picture of her, pantyless, getting out of a limo. Williams remarked that in the photo, her vagina was pixilated, and envisioned her pixilated vagina as a black hole sucking in all manner of mentionable and unmentionable items and creatures. And on and on, Robin Williams live for an hour is something to behold and I was laughing until it hurt.

And I”m not even a fan.

After, The Fisher King was screened. Carol and Sarah stayed for that, but I left. Too many late nights for this old man.


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