SFIFF50 DAY EIGHT — Thursday

Paste up, Awards Night, Warriors

You”re no doubt tired of hearing about my paste-up and sorting, but that’s what I”m doing between films and events. It’s my sole responsibility and I feel it’s valuable. Clips are sent to the stars, directors, etc to document the coverage and are used to lure stars, directors etc to the next festival. And they become part of the archive of SFFS.

Okay, it’s totally boring to read about, so on to Awards Night.



ready_to_register.jpgThis is a big deal, although my part in it was humble and hidden. We assembled at the Westin St. Francis Hotel at 4pm to prepare for the seven o”clock event. A ballroom and two large anti-rooms were lushly decorated for cocktails, the red carpet and the awards ceremony. In the main room, 68 tables for ten (at $5,000 per table) were set up for the event. The décor was suitably luxurious and guests were expected in black tie.

I was assigned to check in the press and was seated at a table in the coat-check room. Outside the door, a long hall had tables for guest registration and led to the room for cocktails and ultimately to the red carpet. A flurry of activity was going on at the end of that hall, but I saw none of it. Bummer. Once everyone was safely seated, the publicity staff assembled for our official group photo on the red carpet in front of “the repetition.” I told Hilary, “That was the most boring job I”ve had to date, but the good news is, it’s over.”



After the photo, our staff was invited to have dinner at Table 63, juat inside the door. I begged off, citing the Warriors sixth game against the Mavericks on TV, already in progress. The Warriors could win the series. Hilary said, “call me on my mobile with the final score.”

It was a fabulous game for Warriors fans as the W’s took it 111 — 86. It turned out that Spike Lee was following the game on his Blackberry and gave periodic updates during the dinner.


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