Presidio Kabuki Presidio Kabuki Presidio
Head ‘em up, move ‘em out

For some reason, my Scooter turned right on Polk, then left on Filbert to the Presidio and through the Presidio to the Film Society. I was going to a nine o”clock wrap up meeting. As I approached the building, it looked freakin” deserted. Wait a minute, the meeting is at the Kabuki!

I walked in late and Graham Leggat, the Executive Director, was going over some specifics of the load-out. We have to have all our stuff out of the building by 1:30. He then launched into an extended, gracious and heartfelt thank you to all us staff, as only he can do.

That left the load-out. The Publicity gang started moving boxes of file folders, the file cabinet, lamps, chairs and all. Richard had it totally organized and in no time we were back in the Presidio.

Nice Festival.

Would you do it again?

That’s what Tiffany, our National Publicist, asked me once the Festival dust had cleared.


Publicists three: Tara, Cindy, Tiffany

I came to the Film Society as a result of my experience as a volunteer at the 49th Festival, and the buzz of being amongst film fanatics and helping them secure maximum enjoyment.

That kind of experience was not part of my intern job. This effort lasted nearly a year, and the key to my enjoyment was the interaction and shared experience with the Publicity team assembled by Hilary and Richard. It got to the point where we became friends, for gosh sakes.


At the same time I was warmly accepted and treated as an equal by Graham and the entire Film Society Staff.

It was equally important that each of the interns was given a specific responsibility, a goal to work toward and accomplish. It’s not enough to feel wanted, for me, it’s important to be needed and contribute something tangible to the immense overall effort and success.

And not only that, some great films, events and parties rounded out the experience. Not bad.


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