My Life in a Box

In March 2005, the idea was conceived that each professional staff member (there are 12) put together a 3 dimensional shadow box to represent important happenings in his/her life. About a month later at IKEA were small shadow boxes perfect for our task.


The boxes were purchased and handed out as “here’s a summer project,go for it”. When the staff came back together in September, nary a box had been attempted much less completed. The idea languished until March of this year when the staff began to plan for our annual Spring Break retreat. We decided to spend a day working along side each other putting the boxes together.

Everyone was asked to collect suitable stuff for the project. I spent several fun trips to various stores gathering appropriate materials for my box and to share with others. My scrounging through the “junk” drawers at home and at work also produced many hidden treasures. It was a fun exercise thinking about making my life “visible” and I enjoyed the challenge.

On a perfect sunny day in Sonoma wine country, we went at the project with gusto and after about 6 hours of chatting, clipping, and glue guns my box still needed some more work. Next day I brought it home and added the special shells and objects (a lighthouse & star) on top. That’s it,all done and I like the way it turned out.

They will be displayed in our lobby much like a hanging quilt. The next step is to install them with a story about how they came about.


Do you know how the objects in my box represent me?


3 thoughts on “My Life in a Box

  1. Hi Carol, Wow, I like your box! What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing your work.
    I see: a jewish man with earlocks? the Eiffel Tower. Knitting needles and yarn and a thimble. Maple leaves. A suitcase. A camera. What is the black corkscrew-like electrical cord holding your Carol charm bracelet? And I want to try to read the words on the floor of the box (I will when I see it in person).
    Is there anything referring to Ohio?
    I’m glad you posted it! love Alison


  2. Dear Carol,

    I’m a little late posting this, but your box is terrific. I was privileged to be able to see it being created and the completion is magnificant. You put a lot into the sea part on top, probably means you not only love your cheesie son, but the ocean as well.

    Your pal Paula


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