m&c Europe 07 1

Our come-down jet lag cure wasn”t as dramatic as Eric and Alison’s, but pleasurable and effective, nonetheless.

Flight schedules were such that we had a four-hour window to get from our Virgin Atlantic flight at Heathrow to an easyJet flight from Stansted airport to Barcelona. Doable, but what if,

So we decided to spend a day in England to wind down, giving us one day and four hours to make that connection.

We took the bus to the Stansted airport and got a taxi from there to the Chimneys Bed and Breakfast in Stansted Mountfitchet, a quintessential English town nearby. There was nothing to do but walk, eat, sleep and shower, and that’s just what we did.

By the time we taxied back to Stansted for our flight to Barcelona, we were rested, refreshed and in the time zone.

From my journal,

“I”m really glad we did the Stansted Mountfitchet thing. It was nice to experience a small English town for a day. We ate some good food and some not-so-good food, met some interesting people and got unlagged and washed up from our trip across the whole US of A and the Atlantic.”



From my review of the B&B for the booking agency:

Chimneys is a nice, quiet B&B in a nice quiet town, perfect for a day of winding down after a flight from the US west coast. Though the rooms are tucked and fitted into a 200 year old house, everyghing is first class, really clean and freshly painted or installed. The owner has been inventive and creative in the renovation, providing very comfortable and visually appealing rooms.
The breakfast part was superb. I couldn”t have dreamed of a more “English” breakfast.

Marcus and Carol Rector


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