Rectors do Spain

I’ve been checking the Rector site daily, curious to see pictures of our trip to Montpellier and then Spain. Seems others have been too busy to post. So I said to myself “Alison, why don’t you post some pictures yourself?”. Eric just said to me that he plans to write some trip entries himself in the near future.

PS- Marc later added some of his photos below, with his own captions.

Plaza,  Pau,  France
On the Plaza, Toulouse, France


walking in Toulouse
Walking off lunch in the “City of Pink Bricks” (Toulouse)

Toulouse, France
Beside the river in Toulouse

Tourists study a Map


Le Garage, Pau, France

Beers all ’round

Carol at Paula’s, San Sebastian, Spain

Gora Bera Bar for tapas, San Sebastian

Eric and friend, Bilbao, Spain

Where th’ heck is ‘at??? Bilbao

Tapas Bar, Barcelona, Spain
Pintxos Bar (basque Tapas Bar) in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona night
Barcelona evening chat after wine and tapas

4 thoughts on “Rectors do Spain

  1. Alison, great photos, very o’ natural nes paz? I Like Brian’s new look. Very distinguished. Need more pics of Eric. Love, Auntie


  2. Eric kept grabbing the camera because we kept passing through many beautiful places that needed documenting. The above photos are almost bookends of the entire Group trip, which started in Toulouse, and ended in Barcelona. I will try to fill in with San Sebastian, Bilbao, Navarra, and Zaragoza. You will probably notice that HAM is a recurring theme…


  3. “You will probably notice that HAM is a recurring theme…” Not only pertaining to the food, but to the photographed.


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