Olympic Leftovers


Bob Fitzgerald, Warriors TV broadcaster and KNBR talk show host was at the Olympics broadcasting Water Polo. He called in to KNBR from Beijing at 8am for commentary on what’s happening, and gave a “Cultural Tip of the Day.”

China factoids

All of China is in one time zone.

China has 100 cities of over 1,000,000 people

It’s the law: By 2011 every city and town must have at least 2 public ping pong tables and 1 basketball court.

It’s the law: Pedestrians do not have the right-of-way in a crosswalk. (And since China has only recently emerged as a capitalist society, there aren”t a lot of experienced drivers.)

About 80 heads of State attended the opening ceremonies, Bush left before China made its entrance.

There are 15,000 athletes, 16,000 media at the games.

Chinese cheer: ji-yu = “add fuel” or “add gas”

Since the Olympics began, 4,104 babies have been named Aoyun. Translates to “Olympic Games.”

The coach of the Croatian water polo team has a thick Tom Selleck mustache. After Croatia won their first game, all the players grew matching mustaches.

Chinese don”t wait in line, they don”t get lines. Not for bus, subway, movie tickets, nothing, not even for store check-out lines.

Minimum height for any medal presenter, 5 feet 4 inches.

Chinese male athletes cannot marry until age 28.

Michael Phelps knees and ankles are so flexible, that he can”t run.


Bill Bellamy, a comedian, host of “last comic standing,” this morning on sports talk radio:
What’s up with synchronized diving as an Olympic sport, and beach volley ball???, or badminton?, that’s a picnic game, besides the Chinese are piling up too many medals, we”ve got to get some real American sports in the Olympics, sports we can win, like GRILLING, or kegging, or how about channel changing — how long does it take you to find Rachael Ray?


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