In case you haven’t heard, the SE is experiencing a severe gasoline crisis due to hurricane Ike, with stations closed and long lines when one does open with a supply.       

Returning from lunch today, I purposely took the route that passed my favorite BP station, in hopes that they may have had a delivery during the morning.   Sure enough, there was a line in the access lane approaching the station, and an orange-vested guy directing traffic.   I fell into line behind the last car, approximately two blocks from the station.     

After about half a block, I passed our favorite Chinese restaurant, Chin Chin.   Out front there was a handwritten sign out front:


“CALL! CALL! 678-560-5550 CHIN CHIN We will deliver food to your car while you waiting for gas!”         

The restaurant industry is suffering because of the economy; and here in the SE because of the gas shortage.   My friends at Chin Chin addressed both on one hand painted sign,


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