Printing silkscreen edition 2010

During November, Alison conceives and prints an edition of silkscreen prints, a holiday tradition of more than 20 years. It’s mail art. Check your mailbox soon.

Prints hanging to dry in Alison's studio

First step: trimming printmaking paper
Letterpress shop

A local typesetter shop prints the type on 100 year old letterpress machine. Bruce Hutchins owns Hutchins Brothers printers in Montville Maine.

Paper in the letter press
Paper in the letter press
Preparing to print silk screen

The stack of papers is printed by Alison with her art work.

(Red) screen block being painted on the silk screen

The screen block is painted onto the silk. The unpainted areas allow ink to pass through the screen onto the print paper below the screen, when Alison drags the ink across using a squeegee.

Alison and the squeegee
Alison printing

Dragging the squeegee forces ink into the screen onto the paper below.

Colors are added in layers.

This print involves 8 colors, with each color printed as a separate layer. The card is a collaboration with Maine poet Bruce Pratt, inspired by Bruce’s poem Candles in the Snow.

For more information, visit

Candles in the Snow

A silkscreen print inspired by a poem.


2 thoughts on “Printing silkscreen edition 2010

  1. Alison, just got my Christmas card in the mail. It was already so very cool to get this beautiful piece, but then to go on this site and learn about the process, including the letterpress part, was amazing!! I will cherish this – and all the cards of yours I have kept over the years — forever!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas. We are having our third major snowfall here in Illinois. Unheard of this early in the season!


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