So I’m reading the Chronicle at lunch and it announces a Giants World Series Trophy Tour. Season ticket holders have been able to make appointments to have their picture taken with the Trophy since the season ended, but not a whiff for “just fans” like me.

“For more than 52 years, our dedicated fans have supported us through thick and thin,” said Giants Managing General Partner and CEO Bill Neukom. “The trophy belongs to them as much as it belongs to us and we want to extend the World Champions celebration throughout Giants country and to thank our fans.”

It says a press conference with Mayor Newsom, Bill Neukom and Giants President Larry Baer would be held at city hall at 11:30, and the trophy would be on view to the public in the South Sun Court from 1pm to 3pm. I looked at the clock; 12:45. What am I waiting for? I got on my scooter, bound for City Hall.

The Trophy Tour truck in front of City Hall

The South Sun Court

The set-up
The set-up: Trophy on a black clothed table with a logo-screen behind. A photographer is taking pictures and handing out cards saying where you can find your picture on the internet. I’m number 0316.

I handed my camera to the Sheriff on my right and “embraced” the trophy for the photographer in front of me. The Sheriff said, “I got a good profile for you.”

So I went to the Gallery and found my photo and tried to download it. Uh-Oh… A message pops up to say the photos are copyright and can’t be downloaded, UNLESS you order a download for $49.99. Seems pretty steep to me, so I do a screen shot. The pictures have orange balls and a Holiday theme – Order 20 cards for $$$!

There are many options to order prints. I found one of the least expensive – after all, this is a historic occasion and the picture is pretty good – an 8×10 print for $19.99. (Did a screen shot of that too, just for the hell of it.)

“It’s Magic Inside!” is the Giants 2010 ad campaign. When I ordered my 8×10, a box popped up saying that with my purchase, I qualify for a download for ONLY $9.99. They get you comin’ and goin’. So I bought the download… it’s big and good.

Will the World Series experience ever end? I wonder if the Yankees or the Red Sox do trophy tours. I will say that the Giants are a marketing machine at most times and this is a golden opportunity. There will never be another first time.


2 thoughts on “TROPHY TOUR

  1. In 2004, the Red Sox did a trophy tour to every town or village in New England that asked. Took the better part of the winter and the front office honchos went along for much of the ride.


  2. I can confirm the gist of B’s comment, except I don’t think it was “every town or village in New England that asked.” In Maine it arrived only in Bangor and Portland, but that would be pretty simple to access for almost everyone who wanted to see it in Maine…I did not make the effort. The win was enough.


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