Bucket List Trip

Think how cool a trip to Kep, Cambodia could be for the Rector bucket lists. This NYTimes article will give you a flavor. Still unspoiled, with restored French villa hotels and open beaches. French, English, and Russian are fairly common, so between the sibs and sub-sibs, we’d easily get by.



4 thoughts on “Bucket List Trip

  1. This would *appear* a step up from the last Rector Reunion in Reno, although will we still be able to hire Analog Jazz for some live music???


  2. Not a beach guy. Carol and I are aiming for Bologna.
    Tommy, I may be wrong, but I don’t think you’ve been to Paris or London or Barcelona. Way closer and more interesting, sez I. And, you can see ’em all in a nice 10 days or so trip.


  3. Au contraire older bro. We’ve lived and visited in Europe and the Far East and enjoyed both. Both have amazing history & charm and are worth a place in any bucket.


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