A View of Our Grill

After moving a few times, our fearless Weber Q grill found the perfect spot on our back terrace.

• Close enough to the house to plug in a lamp for night grilling,

• I grill facing east, for a nice view and the late afternoon sun is at my back,

• near the window, so if there’s a game on the TV, I can look right in.

Then Winter came.

We snuggled the grill and rolling table together for mutual protection (Dec 26).

We realized there would be no winter grilling on the back terrace, the north side of the house.

I shoveled a path out to the grill the next day and brushed off the snow.

What was I thinking? It’s better to have a path than not have a path.

A couple weeks passed and it did not snow, although the temperatures were very cold until 2 days ago. And we did have some afternoon sun from time to time.

On sunny days in the afternoon, I would shovel a bit on a path that would eventually lead to the front terrace.

Today was the nicest day in a long time. It got up to 50 degrees. I connected the paths and dragged the grill and its table to the front.
In front, there is sun and cover. It should be great for the winter.
And so, we’ll try the grill here. It’s right outside the window of my studio, near the front door and under cover in anticipation of the next snow.

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