Dee Oh, eh?

Sully Saab, in better days….

I am a little bit hesitant to post this light-hearted take on “death” directly after Eric’s heart-felt tribute to Cos, but here goes anyway.

Since none of you follow me on Twitter or Facebook,  I realized this morning that you may not know…

DATELINE 1/9/13:  Sully Saab threw a rod at 75 mph on Wednesday and was declared DEAD ON ARRIVAL at Sovereign Saab.  Bob the mechanic gave me $250 in order to salvage it for parts. A few of its organs will live on in others. Rest in piece(s).

I am shopping for a new vehicle. Currently, these are the front-runners:

  • Mini Cooper
  • Golf (GTI if I can squeeze it out)
  • Hyundai Veloster
  • Ford Focus EcoBoost Hatchback

For those who have an need to know…



9 thoughts on “Dee Oh, eh?

  1. …why didn’t you title this “It Stopped”…?

    Dad’s GTI is a bundle of fun, but you should research the gas engine issues VW has had over the last ten years and whether it’s behind them. Dad’s GTI also “mysteriously” guzzles oil…like a quart a fill-up. They carry 2.5 gal containers of oil at all times.

    I have not been impressed with our neighbor’s Mini (neither is she). I know nothing about the others, but Ford is on an upswing…

    Not a WRx pocket rocket type?


  2. I thought of that, and then felt it would be encroaching on the lovely tribute to Cos. But that WOULD have been brilliant.

    As far as my selections, I have the Mini at the top of the list since I have several friends who have them, and have ridden/driven them often. Love ’em. Yes, a WRx would be epic. Want to give me an additional $15 k so I can get one?


  3. Eric,
    You exaggerate the oil problem. I need to add about half-a-quart about each 1000 miles or so. I had the 5 liter oil container because I bought 2 quarts from the fine SF VW mechanic just before we moved. Two quarts was what was left in the container. I love the seats and transmission and everything about it… especially when somebody walks up and says, “what a neat car,” or a woman driving an Excursion or some such says, “what a cute little car.”


  4. I loves me my VeeDub Diesel Jetta, so I’m not hating on those People Cars — it’s just that one of every three gas engine VWs had the same chronic problem (starter/solenoid or something) for a while, and they were pounded in the press for their un-reliability. That’s part of the reason they had to price their new Jetta so low — to bring folks back to their wagens.

    Obviously, that’s not Dad’s oil issue (which is actually somewhere between his and my figures…still shocking). I didn’t realize the WRx was so precious — I thought it was just a souped-up compact, like the GTi? And driving the Mini through Maine’s winters might be part of my neighbor’s discontents — if you get one you’ll need to move somewhere it doesn’t snow. So Reno’s out.


  5. Tom, Leslie and I are eating brunch in Savannah Georgia. We are browsing dream cars on the Internet. Leslie’s considering a Audi A1, not on sale in the US yet. I want a Honda CR-Z sport hybrid. We like your ideas. Glad for the light hearted touch on death. Alison and Leslie


  6. THX 4 your comments, ladies. I like YOUR choices as well. If I could afford it, an Audi would be at the TOP of my list (and the A1 is a really cool eurocar). And I like the Honda crossover as well. I am currently shopping the VW Golf (a GTI if I can squeeze it out). Enjoy your limited time together in Savannah, even under the current circumstances.


  7. The Veloster is a kool looking car. Also clever that there’s only a rear door on the passenger side. Why hasn’t anyone else thot of that? My main experience with Hyundais has been as rentals and I’ve noticed that they have really improved in recent years.


  8. FYI, Dr.B, the Saturn coupe first did the 3-door thing, followed by Mazda RX-8. The Veloster back-door is executed a bit better than either of those versions, since it really has a back seat. However, I ended up buying a Golf 5-speed 5-CYL. Pretty fast, good mileage, and inexpensive. And it has A/C (for your next summer visit).


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