Beijing Dumplings

As 10am approached, I packed up my projects and we headed around and around the corners of the warren until we found Black Sesame Kitchen again, this time with the bright sun streaming through their windows. Coco and Michelle and Chefs greeted us again. Unlike when we were the first to arrive for dinner the previous evening, we were among the last to arrive to a full class of 11 international adults learning how to make basic Chinese dumplings “from scratch.”

Here’s how to make a handmade dumpling.

Step one: you mix your dough by hand.

Step two: you make your fillings, chopping everything by hand with a Chinese cleaver. We made 2 fillings, a meat filling (pork with pumpkin) and a vegetable filling (mushroom,leek,tofu,cilantro).

Step three: you roll your wrappers by hand with a rolling pin.

Step four: you fill and wrap your dumplings.

Step five: you cook and eat your dumplings.

Now we can make dumplings at home with all of our family and friends. We’ll teach you !

As they say in Mandarin if it’s good: “Hao” !!


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