Beijing on Holiday

Beijing on a hot hot day in mid-August is filled with street life. Beijing life happens on the street, talking, cooking, eating, shopping, card-playing, napping. I’ve seen lots of babies and children giggling and playing with their adults, lots of people walking their dogs. Old people stare at us and smile when I say ” Nihao”.
Most of the crowds of tourists are Chinese tourists, with a sprinkling of Europeans .
Yesterday evening we took a long walk and enjoyed watching all the people out on the street.

I’m struck by how happy and hardworking and upbeat Beijingers seem to be.
They are proud of their city.

I admire how is nothing is wasted, much is re-used, re-cycled and re-purposed.
Beijingers are cleaning and working everywhere.
Here’s a photo I took yesterday of a favorite shop window, a tailor shop next door to our hotel.


2 thoughts on “Beijing on Holiday

  1. You may have noticed that the writing on the window panes of the door is backwards, so that it will be correct when the door is open. The shopkeeper probably keeps his door open most of the time when the shop is open (altho prolly less since he got AC). Note that the top two characters on the door and those in the windows are mirror images of each other.


  2. Yes, Lucky, you are right. The summer has been very hot and humid in Beijing. Homes and shop doors are open at night to let the cool air in, closed during the heat of the day. We saw the tailor at this shop (which is also undoubtedly their home) working late at night when the cool air could flow into the open door.
    I love the collection of colored thread and the air conditioner drain pipe collecting into the coke bottle.


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